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Shandong Dahuzi Fitting Equipment Co.,Ltd

Yinhe Development Zone,Dezhou City,Shandong,China
Dezhou City, Shandong 253400

Tel: 0086 134 7519 4236
Fax: 0086 534 5534 588

Contact: Mr Tomlee, Sales Manager
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Employees: 66
Year Established: 1999
Annual Sales Volume: $1M to $5M
Harmonized System Codes: 9110 9506

Business Message

We are one of main companies producing commercial strength fitness equipment in China. The company has established in 1999 and is renamed from Shandong Tom Fitness Equipment Factory. Our management concept is SERVE FOR CUSTOMER FAITHLY.

Since the company has established, we develop and research other series products on the base of creation. In the past several days, we have SM series, SM-D series and spinning bike series. Our current three series keep pace with international level. After they are put into market, our products are exported to Middle East, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, and so on. They get good response from the customer with high quanlity and good credit.

In the future years, we hope to shake hands to create a bright outlook on the base of mutual benefit.


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